Answer: A

As written, the sentence properly uses the idiom "not only...but also." The other four choices do so as well, so we'll need to look more carefully. A comparison such as this one requires that the items compared be parallel. In the original sentence, the words following "not only" and "but also" are "published" and "hosted," verbs of the same form.

Choice (B) places the word "he" before "hosted." "Published" and "he hosted" are not parallel. (C) changes "hosted" to "was the host," which is not parallel with "publish." Also, because the final clause of the sentence is background (it doesn't define Wheeler), "which" is correct and "that" is not.

Choice (D) is incorrect because it places "published" before "not only." This construction suggests that what follows both the "not only" and the "but also" are things he published, which does not turn out to be the case. Finally (E) is not parallel: note "publish" and "hosting." Choice (A) is correct.