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February 4, 2014



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Today's Practice GMAT Question:

For years, anthropologists have viewed as the inevitable result of contact between cultures, the domination and replacement of one culture by another. This scenario was thought to have occurred when Egypt conquered its southern neighbor, Nubia, in 150 B.C. However, a recent study of a burial site of high-ranking Egyptians in Nubia reveals that some were buried according to Egyptian tradition, and other were buried according to Nubian custom. This finding indicates that members of both cultures may share in the ruling of a conquered region.
Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the argument?
(A) The burial site also housed the remains of several visitors from nations other than Egypt and Nubia, and most of those visitors were buried according to Egyptian tradition.
(B) Nubians who were buried in Egypt during the same period were buried according to Egyptian tradition.
(C) The burial site was not used as the resting place of Egyptians until 25 years after Egypt conquered Nubia.
(D) More than three-quarters of the people interred at the burial site are thought to have been Nubians.
(E) After Egypt conquered Nubia, few Egyptians other than colonial personnel relocated to Nubia.


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