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January 21, 2014



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Today's Practice GMAT Question:

Demographic experts predict that the global human population will reach its peak sometime in the middle of this century, after which it will begin to decline. Population growth is driven primarily by high birth rates in developing countries. It is known that when women have access to education and economic opportunities, they choose to have fewer children. Therefore, these experts propose expanding educational and economic opportunities to women in developing countries to bring about an earlier and smaller population peak.
Which of the following, if true, provides the strongest grounds to doubt that the experts' proposal, if adopted, will achieve its aim?
(A) The demographic experts proposing expanding opportunities for women in developing countries made the same recommendations over twenty years ago.
(B) The experts' prediction is based on realistic assessments of the educational and economic opportunities that can be made available to women in developing countries before that time.
(C) Many women in industrialized countries will continue to have four or more children despite access to a variety of educational and economic opportunities.
(D) The demographic experts fail to explain why an earlier and smaller population peak is preferable to a later and larger peak.
(E) Expanding opportunities to women in developing countries is generally considered a positive outcome regardless of its impact on population levels.


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