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December 31, 2013



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Today's Practice GMAT Question:

Some large European cities, such as Paris and Barcelona, have implemented bicycle sharing programs that allow people, for a small fee, to obtain a bike at any of hundreds of locations and drop it off near their destination. Currently, most large U.S. cities face congestion with cars and taxis, have few bicycle lanes, and discourage the locking of bicycles to poles and fences. Therefore, until the culture of cities becomes less hostile to bicyclists, a wide scale program will not be a viable form of alternative transportation.
Which of the following would it be most useful to determine in evaluating the argument?
(A) Whether an sharp increase in the number of bicyclists in U.S. cities would change attitudes toward bicyclists
(B) Whether U.S. who drive cars know how to operate bicycles
(C) Whether major U.S. cities have plans to expand the availability of bicycle lanes in downtown areas
(D) Whether the number of people interested in traveling by bicycle is greater in U.S. than in Europe
(E) Whether small U.S. cities are more friendly to bicyclists than large U.S. cities


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