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December 10, 2013



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Today's Practice GMAT Question:

Company President: Last year, Broad Street Restaurant Suppliers switched from pen-and-paper order forms to an online process. Unexpectedly, this resulted in a decrease in orders placed by restaurants. Thus, it is likely that many restaurateurs lack the computer skills required by the online process and were more comfortable with the old forms.
Vice-President of Marketing: Not so. Statistics show a widespread decline in sales across the restaurant supply industry for last year.
Which of the following, if true, most undermines the Vice President of Marketing's response?
(A) The decline in sales across the restaurant supply industry affected the segment of the market that represents the largest part of Broad Street's business.
(B) The online process offered by Broad Street allows restaurateurs to better customize their purchases and specify more precise delivery schedules.
(C) Broad Street is known throughout the restaurant supply industry as a leader in customer service.
(D) Declines in sales across the restaurant supply industry usually stem from smaller average orders placed by each restaurant, but one-quarter of Broad Street's previous customers placed no order at all last year.
(E) Many restaurant supply companies have switched from pen-and-paper order forms to an online process.


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