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November 26, 2013



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Today's Practice GMAT Question:

Marketing strategists at a major video retailer are discussing ways to increase revenues by boosting mid-week DVD rentals, which generally fall far below weekend rentals. One plan to accomplish this is to extend the return date for DVDs rented between Monday and Wednesday so that customers may keep them until Friday. Since more customers will return to the store on Fridays, they will be also be more likely to rent again for the weekend.
Which of the following, if true, would indicate the most serious weakness in the plan above?
(A) The number of clerks currently employed by the video retailer is not sufficient to handle a significant increase in business on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
(B) Customers who are lured by extended return dates for mid-week DVD rentals are much less likely than the average customer to rent a DVD on Friday.
(C) Even if the video retailer increases its mid-week rentals, some customers will continue to rent only on Fridays.
(D) The video retailer currently offers two-day rentals, so the plan would not provide an additional inducement to rent DVDs on Wednesday.
(E) The video retailer would rent more DVDs by extending return dates on Friday and Saturday rentals than on Monday through Wednesday rentals.


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