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July 30, 2013



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Today's Practice GMAT Question:

Jonathan: Have you heard about this new proposed development project? They want to build a 950-unit apartment complex along the waterfront. That means that over 1,000 additional vehicles will be passing through the main downtown intersection each day, which will increase fumes and congestion to unacceptable levels.
Daria: Is that really such a large increase? When I'm sitting at the downtown coffee shop, I see at least 50 vehicles go through that intersection every time the light changes. Assuming the light changes every three minutes, that's 1,000 vehicles passing through every hour.
Daria's argument relies on the assumption that
(A) changes in the traffic light patterns could mitigate the effect of the development
(B) the traffic at the time of day Daria sits at the coffee shop represents a typical level
(C) residents of apartment complexes usually own at least one car per apartment
(D) Jonathan's understanding of the impact of fumes and congestion on the quality of life downtown is reasonably accurate
(E) large numbers are useful talking points for political opponents of development because they are easily misinterpreted


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