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July 23, 2013



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Today's Practice GMAT Question:

Psychiatrist: There is no reason to categorically avoid mind-enhancing drugs, which allow people to stay awake longer and perform better on tests. Although some drugs can be harmful if abused or have deleterious effects over the long term, there are many societal benefits from the responsible use of these substances. For example, poor students can concentrate longer and focus better while studying for university admissions exams, giving them the same advantage as students who can afford expensive tutoring and test-preparation classes.
In evaluating the columnist's position, it would be most useful to determine which of the following?
(A) Whether the long-term benefits of higher exam scores outweigh the risk taken by poor students who use mind-enhancing drugs
(B) Whether students who can afford tutoring also use mind-enhancing drugs to prepare for exams
(C) Whether overuse of mind-enhancing drugs can ultimately lead to lower test scores
(D) Whether some subjects, such as art and music, are more effectively studied without the use of mind-enhancing drugs
(E) Whether university admissions personnel take socio-economic status into account when deciding whom they should admit to their school


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